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When Phenomena Takes a Turn for the Worse

When It All Goes Wrong!

Unusual phenomena has provided many with experiences that proved helpful, life changing. However, the paranormal can also create ingredients that will lead to cultic tendencies.

cultic tendency

How It Can Go Wrong

Experiencing the unusual that proves confusing but nevertheless transforms us and our relationships for the better is a good thing.

When the experiencer returns with predictions and strong convictions, it is important to tread carefully.

When the experiencer seeks a following based on some prophecy and a set of beliefs,

there is great concern.

Cultic Tendencies

Deep personal needs convert in convincing fashion any powerfully subjective experience into something that all "should" heed.

When the "should" calls for individuals to suspend judgment on the message, give up relational authority,

and follow someone indiscriminately, a cult is born.

Learning how to embrace your experience without demanding others to believe it is crucial.

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