Conversing with Death


Innovative, indeed. And highly effective. I founded Conversing with Death in 2014 as a solution to a deficit that was and still is occurring in training healthcare and mental health professionals, a death doula, chaplain, and clergy working with the aging, the chronic or terminally ill, and the dying.

Conversing with Death Philosophy

Conversations about dying have built in defense mechanisms that make the exchange shallow. And academic training is no exception. I saw this discrepancy when I worked in hospice for 15 years. We all have ways of dodging conversations that remind us of our inevitable last breath. We will grow old. Our bodies will not be able to withstand chronic and terminal ailments, in spite of what some authors and programs claim. And we will all die somewhere.

If we spend lots of time investing for retirement, we should do likewise to prepare. Conversing with Death helps caregiving professionals do just that. Using a felt sense methodology, the program carefully awakens the realization that we all have deep inside about our last breath.


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  • attend the monthly Conversing with Death Peer Group

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