Last Breath Awareness


Innovative, indeed. And highly effective. I founded Conversing with Death in 2014 as a solution to a deficit that was and still is occurring in training healthcare and mental health professionals, a death doula, chaplain, and clergy working with the aging, the chronic or terminally ill, and the dying.

Conversing with Death

I hear you! I've met many professionals who appreciated a forum to talk and explore about their own last breath. These are competent people who know that they, too, struggle with existential questions. Only, people expect them to have it all together. But when focusing on aging, illness, and dying, there are no pat answers. Conversing with Death normalizes the struggle for professionals, knowing that by helping the professional, he or she will help patients and clients better.



Spiritual Care filled with stories as a chaplain working with a culturally and spiritually diverse population.

Last Breath Awareness offers exercises and approaches to bring our attention to a place most of us fear to tread.


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