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Psychology Session


Depression has several faces. It can visit us in its mild form known as melancholy. Or, it could be so severe that it paralyzes. 

Depression can sometimes be handled wit time. Often, though, depression has a physiological component that demands more than daily inspirations.

As we age, it might not get easier. The changes to come are so scary to us that we work hard to deny them. Aging, illness, and the inevitable last breath are difficult to swallow in and of itself. Couple this obstacle with depression and the journey could be rather brutal.


Whether you are forty or sixty, anxiety is universal. A little bit of it seems helpful to achieve. Too much, which is often the case, can cause wear and tear.

Many in our culture struggle with anxiety not only as a reaction to circumstances but also as a chemical imbalance.

Anxiety interferes with life and even causes us to see the world around us with a less than fair set of  lens. Worse still, it freezes us. 

 Young Woman Contemplating
Sad Portrait


And then there is trauma with a small "t" or a capital "T". The latter is what constitutes a diagnosis. Little "t" refers to experiences we consider traumatic and that have impacted our lives. Whatever the case, we live in a day where our hearts and minds have been pressed beyond measure. Shootings, and a #pandemic are just a few. 

What lingers throughout life are the triggers. You know, those sensations or associations that can unconsciously lead us to believe that the terrible past is still present. 

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