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Individual Counseling

Depression and Anxiety are indicators that the environment is not quite right.

therapy for clinical depression


Human experience isn't exempt from the uncomfortable. That should give you a sigh of relief to know. Depression is universal. We all go through one or more experiences that weigh too heavy for us to carry. This is true whether you're talking about everyday life or unusual encounters that are hard to explain. The good news is that with proper guidance we can use this normal, but yet unwanted state of mind, to let go of what binds us and set into motion a new way.


The days are, indeed, stressful. Hoping that everything sacred to you goes well meets up with lots of challenges. Not to mention when we meet up with strange events or even God, however you understand God. Fortunately, there are ways to redirect elevated energy.

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therapy for trauma near us


Some have experienced unnecessary, horrific events in life. Others experienced an unexpected jolt

from the least expected places. Still others found themselves not only traumatized but surprised by an encounter that academic books never even considered. The good news is that many can and do recover.

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