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Spiritual Care to Elderly and Dying Loved Ones

A book that will inform and touch you. Made for the healthcare and mental health professional and family members taking care of a loved one in hospice.

end of life care book

A book that is culturally and spiritually sensitive, read about my experiences as hospice chaplain. The information will empower you through a field not often discussed on TV or those common conversations at the table. A must if you have an interest in end of life care or are planning to place a loved one in hospice.

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...a wonderful book for spiritual counselors, chaplains, and clergy...a most useful and practical resource.
                                                        -- Kenneth J. Doka, Ph.D.
This is a strong and yet delicate book for healthcare workers that can transform the way they deal with people and families.
                                                       -- Thomas Moore
                                                       Author of Care of the Soul
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