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Upcoming Webinar

A place for the therapist and experiencer to find eduction on unusual phenomena. Part of the SPAE Mentor Series.

Coming on April 7th

From 12-1:30p.m. EST I will share thoughts on "The Making of an Unusual Therapist". It might sound easy, but it takes courage for the therapist to create space for anomalous experiences, ours and that of our clients. And you'll see why. But there is a way.

In this webinar, we'll look at:

  • Finding the Unusual Therapist in You

  • The Unusual Therapist and the DSM

  • A New Healing Paradigm

Fee for this webinar is $99. Therapists who are members of any groups I facilitate can join for free. To register contact me via email or telephone. Fees are non-refundable upon purchase.



Practical Tips on Developing the Unusual Therapist Webinar coming in July. DTA.


Inner Transcendence Mentoring Program

Inner Transcendence is a 12-week mentoring program that I have put together for the Therapist who is dedicated to developing his/her/their personal and professional practice with the unusual. This program pulls from mystic, esoteric, yoga traditions and eastern philosophy to help the therapist discover and activate AT WILL the deeply seeded inner transcendence.

Some things the therapist will learn in this 12-week course:

  • A conceptual framework of Inner Transcendence that will set the stage for proper energetic/spirit flow states

  • Practices to familiarize oneself with their uniqueness

  • Recognize where their true self has been disempowered and why

  • Activate feeling states AT WILL for a more empowering understanding of self

  • How to bring Inner Transcendence into your work space with willing clients

  • And more...

This program uses hypnotic formulas such as rhythmic sounds and chants, breath work, energy or spirit manipulation and fusion to arrive at just the right trance for connection with Inner Transcendence. For more information use email or phone. Fee for this program is $1188.


to make payment for the upcoming webinar


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