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Unexplained Phenomena

Society of Psychotherapy on Anomalous Experiences Library

You can receive these brief articles for mental health professionals by becoming a member of the Society of Psychotherapy on Anomalous Experiences, a division of Body Mind Metaphor LLC. 

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Free Articles

Are Clients Telling Us Everything? 

A Psychotherapist Looks at UFO Reports 

Pathologizing Unusual Phenomena 

Who Are They Talking To? A Hospice Inquiry 

That's Weird!...And?

The Mental Health Professional and Experiencer Have More In Common

History of the DSM And Its Impact On Anomalous Experiences

Is It A Mental Disorder? A UFO Analysis

Hallucination, Religion & UFOs

11 Minus 1 Strange Parallels Between Religion & ETs

The Attitude Of The DSM Towards Women & UFOs

Reformulating Diagnostic Terms to Remove the Stigma

Recommended Reading:


Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker

bias in psychiatric diagnosis by Paula Caplan and Lisa Cosgrove

Cracked by James Davies

Manufactured Depression by Gary Greenberg

The Book of Woe by Gary Greenberg

The Myth of the Chemical Cure by Joanna Moncrieff

The Protest Psychosis by Jonathan Metzl

They Say You're Crazy by Paula J. Caplan


Ghost Hunters: William James and the /search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death by Deborah Blum

Ghost Hunting by Loyd Auerbach

Mind-Matter Interaction by Pamela Heath

Varieties of Anomalous Experience by the American Psychological Association 

Near Death Experiences

After by Bruce Greyson

Surviving Death by Leslie Kean

Mysticism and Esoteric Sciences

Supernatural by Dean Radin

Magic and Mystery in Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel


Abduction by John E. Mack

American Cosmic by D.W. Pasulka

Passport to Magonia by Jacques Valley

Passport to the Cosmos by John E. Mack

The Interrupted Journey by John G. Fuller

The UFO Experience by J. Allen Hynek

UAPs and the Nuclear Puzzle by Robert Salas

UFOs by Leslie Kean

SPAE honors Paula J. Caplan Ph.D.
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