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Yoga for Trauma

Learning the Language of Energy for Healing and Empowerment



As certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, I provide a one-on-one 12-week course to complement therapy for trauma. This course helps you to reconstruct a healthier language between you and your body, grasp the type of energy you engage in and how to manipulate it at will toward your advantage, and apply ancient spiritual principles for a steady outcome.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Shifting from the Sympathetic Nervous System to the Parasympathetic Nervous System isn't easy but it is a priority for trauma recovery.

This course helps you to recognize hypervilglance and how to intentionally move into a more relaxed state.

Taking a Break

Attending to Triggers

Triggers or trauma residues are inevitable. It has nothing to do with failure. We all have them. But you do want to become familiar with inevitable process and develop skills of recovery from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) so that you can maintain a feeling of empowerment.

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