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Counseling Near Death Experience

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Near Death Experience

The idea that mind transcends the brain is at least as old as Plato. Some who go flatline or are heavily sedated due to some surgical procedure return with reports of an awareness that can often be verified. But apart from these fascinating claims, what happens when they resume life among people that don't understand or care to believe?

A New Message

Some who return claim to have a message, one that they believe everyone should heed. But the world doesn't function with the guidance of any prophet. The NDEr returns to the usual conflicting, old world where condition is the norm.

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Why Don't they Believe Me?

This is just the beginning of their challenges. Coming back has been charged with a new vision, only those around him or her don't see it that way.

Feelings of loneliness and isolation begin to surface. The NDEr must stand alone at times. The good news is that the NDEr has a lasting, hidden connection.

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