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I find hypnotherapy to be a relaxing channel where we increase the chances for personal discovery and meaning-making. This holds true for those who wish to discover the "What" and make sense of the "Why" of their unusual experiences.

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The unconscious has its mystery, no doubt. And hypnosis has been used to uncover as much as it will allow us. This is especially true when carefully applying trance states onto an explicit memory about unusual phenomena.


Body Mind Metaphor LLC offers relaxation to reduce levels of stress that could inhibit recollection and meaning-making of an implicit memory.

Memory can be tricky both in hypnosis and in an awakened or conscious state. Thus, Body Mind Metaphor LLC moves carefully to attain what is needed for healing, insight, and recovery. 

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...hypnosis is a pathway to the truth as it is felt and understood by the patient. -- Benjamin Simon, M.D.

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