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The Paranormal

Consulting & Counseling Experiencers and Investigators

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What the...?!

It is as strange as it sounds. You're not crazy. No doubt that reports of seeing or feeling an apparition or spirit is worthy of exploring. But equally important, genuine experiences that cannot be explained have an impact upon our hearts and minds.


But how do you make sense of these strange experiences in a way that positively impacts your life? Even your relationships? This is undoubtedly a slippery task, and one you should become familiar with whether you have experienced the unusual or are an investigator. 

Therapy for the paranormal
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The Experiencer

Let me say it again, "You are not crazy!" Not a few people across the world have experienced after death communications of some kind. I even saw deathbed visions when I worked in hospice for 15 years. And it proved to be a most comforting event for patients and their families. And you might say the same about your own experience. We want to preserve that kind welcome.

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