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Society of Psychotherapy on Anomalous Experiences

for mental health professionals

society of psychotherapy


The Society of Psychotherapy on Anomalous Experiences (SPAE) is a safe space for psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, and parapsychologists who wish to offer Paradimensional Therapy to clients who have experienced UFOs, the paranormal, and near death experiences.

Honoring Diversity

SPAE seeks to bring mental health professionals together to explore ideas that honors the diversity of human experience. No one person or group should determine what is normal human experience. Life is much too complex to reduce human behavior to one set of criteria. But using a scholarly approach and applying cross-cultural psychology, SPAE advocates for genuine phenomena. To read more click here.


Membership Benefits

An annual membership of gives you:

  • 11 monthly online meetings for support

  • One individual mentoring meeting

  • Free access to webinars relevant to the field

  • Occasional exclusive meetings with guest speakers

  • 20% discount on any in-person workshops

Fee for membership $199 (USD). Student $99 (USD).

Request to become a member

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