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For the Mystic & Esoteric

Where the traditional has no place

Prayer Candles


The ancients spoke of human involvement with an invisible reality. And human experience with the divine was central to such an encounter. Not doctrine. Not creed. Change...transformation...comes to the mystic in the darkest of moments.


Working with the ancients to change this material world is nothing new. Listening to and following unusual phenomena is an esoteric devotion. But for the esoteric, there is more in this evolving invisible reality.

Astrology Dice

The Tarot

Call it a deck of cards, but many have found strange communications transmitting from images. In fact, the use of image to convey information is as old as humanity. Symbols, geometry, and patterns repeatedly tease the human mind, especially the unconscious.

Learn about a reading that braids the psyche and spirit.

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