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Embracing Change

Retirement, the loss of  a spouse of partner, and vibrancy

Man retiring

What Now?

Retirement is not what it's cut out to be. We are led to imagine wonderful travels, lots of time to have fun, and so on. What they don't tell us is how we must also plan for shorter travels to accommodate the bladder, increased visits to the doc, lengthier naps, and too much time to think.

A New Language

Life is rather confusing. We begin by learning all sorts of things to eventually take on this world, design a path for living, and commit to relationships, only to have to let them go one by one.

Our world becomes smaller the older we get. And letting go becomes the new thing.

Senior Sitting on Couch

The Contemplative Path

Embracing change is nothing easy. But we must not give up. It is imperative to maintain movement. This includes the body, of course. But it includes the mind. Preparing to let go and to embrace a future of further change takes a set of mature skills.

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