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Embracing Death

Mindfulness and Meditation

Resting Patient

I hate it!

Everything we do points to growth and success. And blessing, no doubt. But at some point, life takes a turn and the next thing you know, the journey changes. We notice our bodies attaining wrinkles and gray hair. And rather than celebrating our retirement years, more of our travels consist of going to the doctor. Why?

A New Language

It's difficult to become friendly to our bodies. We are taught from early childhood to demand our bodies fit a particular mold. 

When our bodies change we fight hard. And the language we use is not kind. But life proceeds to age, and eventually illness becomes the norm.

Becoming kind to our bodies takes time and tremendous dedication. But worth it.


The Contemplative Path

Death has been around since the first human being. Knowing that end of life is a sure thing, humanity has sought out ways to embrace the inevitable.

Spiritual traditions that stretch way back in time have offered these methods. Two that has passed the test of time has been mindfulness and meditation. Daily cultivation of these practices can help the vibrant and the terminally ill move into a more accepting space.

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