Integrating the Language of Living with the Language of Dying                 


Last Breath Awareness

from Body Mind Metaphor LLC

Conversing with Death is a spiritual and existential exploration built for caregiving professionals who have an interest in processing their own themes of aging, illness and dying.

Rather than a "how to help others,' this educational program helps one cultivate an awareness that can change the way we work with clients and patients.


Last Breath Awareness blends my work as hospice chaplain and therapist. It is filled with exercises to help you cultivate a relationship with the inevitable. It even has a step-by-step one month calendar to help.

Once familiar with the practice, the book offers an intensive, detailed exercise to test your growing responses to your own impermanence.

A great resource to help clients and patients.

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Conversing with Death is important to me as a concept and a practice - as I'm working constantly with those who are facing death. It is important for me to ensure that my own bias is known and this book has allowed a deeper exploration of this allowing me to explore deeper with the clients I serve. B.H. MSW

Intro Workshop

This intro course gives you a clear outline how and why Conversing with Death surfaced in 2013. But this course does more. It will shed light into:

  • How do you relate to your sense as an impermanent being?

  • What are your defense mechanisms?

  • Does your view of death influence your work with patients and clients?

The course will also introduce you to exercises that could surprise you. 

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Advanced Course

Take Conversing with Death into your work with clients and patients. This course explores:

  • How to bring a client into and out of a deepened experience of impermanence

  • When not to use death awareness

  • How to incorporate death awareness into treatment

  • and more...

Testimony on Conversing with Death

I feel you helped me enter a new space...it was a visceral and meaningful experience. E.B. LPC, LMFT

I...had an ethereal dream after the workshop concerning angels and peace, joy, etc. A.C. LCSW, Ed.S

I have been working with Kevin on Conversation with Dying and have grown in my own comfort in working with the thoughts and feelings related to dying. It is a profound thing to take the time to talk about and study these issues. Kevin's approach and excerises to broaden the experience of dying have added to my life and my social work practice. It is worthy work and tine spent. C.H. MSW

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