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For those of you 50+

Conversing with Death

Are you struggling with aging? What about retirement?

Perhaps you have either recently lost a spouse or are about to.

And then there's the next question, "What about me?"

Existential Counseling

est. 2014

I started Conversing with Death back in 2014 and after 15 years in hospice. I saw and listened to family members and patients as they struggled to talk about important matters they avoided for far too long. Today, I facilitate a virtual monthly group every second Friday of the month from 12-1:30 p.m. EST for caretakers, widows, widowers, and people 50+ on managing loss and those personal messages that come to us through another's transition.

Radio Telescopes


We all wonder, "Is there more?" Others can swear they feel their loved one nearby. Conversing with Death welcomes these and other questions.

When Goodbye is the New Normal

Talking with your dearest partner about that final goodbye is no easy task. But it is necessary! And the earlier the better.

For others, its about retirement, letting go of the familiar, and growing accustomed to a new schedule comprised of more visits to the doctor.

The second half of life has its challenges.

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Elderly couple
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