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A Contemplative Path

Conversing with Death

Aging, illness, and the last breath are very real to each of us.

While seemingly counterintuitive, developing a relationship with each will bring about a more intentional life now and increase the chances of a more peaceful transition when the time comes. And it will!

Existential Counseling

est. 2014

Conversing with Death is an educational program committed to a necessary but ongoing process around the phases of life.

After serving in hospice for 15 years, I realized that despite everything we work hard for does, in fact, slowly slip away.

A most sobering thought!

near death experience

Virtual Monthly Support

We meet every first Friday of the month from 10:30-12p.m. EST. For an annual fee is $199 ( you get to explore with other brave minds what few wish to talk about. Professional and lay adults alike are welcome.

Interview and Consent Forms a prerequisite.

Must be at least 35 years old.

Death and the Unusual

For some of us, hitting that bench mark of 40 or 50 is enough to awaken that existential pull. For others, it involves a near death or an encounter with a UFO or apparition.

Whatever the case, cultivating a mindful path of reflection on the things that fear us the most can help you and your family prepare.

end of life care
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