Conversing with Death

Body Mind Metaphor LLC offers a unique educational program for mental health and healthcare disciplines, clergy, death doulas, and other caregiving professionals that center on personal awareness of that one final breath. The training is divided into three stages, each  contains 12 virtual sessions. A carefully designed process that nudges a much needed unconscious dialogue.

Stage 1: Historical Awareness

Family, religion, and culture create our existential portfolio. In phase one we explore just how you computerized and internalized information surrounding loss, chronic and terminal illness, and death

Stage 2: Internal Dialogue

Having traced patterns that provoke a much disguised aversion, it is now time to listen to the types of dialogue you do have with yourself about your own impermanence or last breath

Stage 3: Dialogue with Others

An honest dialogue with yourself now prepares you for successful existential exchanges with others--friends, family, patients, or clients--is next.

What you will learn

By the end of this first stage, you will notice and trace these subtle mental and emotional patterns also known as denial mechanisms that have inhibited your own existential progress as a professional 

What you will learn

Though such a discovery can awaken moderate and transient unease, it will also generate just enough space to cultivate an intimate conversation that promotes insight with greater precision

What you will learn

In this third stage, you will learn how to detect, initiate, and sustain candid talks with patients and clients who are desperately looking for such space

Upon completion


you will receive a certificate of completion with the Conversing with Death stamp seal.