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A Therapist & Mystic

The Beginning of My Career


Born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, home of the once largest satellite dish and the Taino Indians, I graduated from Southeastern College of the Assemblies of God back in the late 80s. I went on to earn a Master's of Divinity degree in 95'. From there, I trained as chaplain, first in a psychiatric residential facility and later in a major hospital in South Carolina. I was fortunate in those two plus years to have excellent supervisors who held to an integrated study of the psyche with theories of spirit so as to create a useful blend that eventually shaped the way I work with people.

What followed next was a career in hospice. Fifteen years working with adults facing that moment of transition. Sometimes it made sense. Other times it proved confusing. Nevertheless, it was a priority to be with my patients and their families as they grappled with those existential woes most of us prefer to avoid.


At times, though, we were all pleasantly surprised. Some patients would be in the middle of a conversation with or making gestures to someone. From our angle, no one was there. And the medical community had already dismissed it as hallucination. But on another dimension, these patients were busy. Sometimes hearing the them call out a name--often a deceased loved one--gave family members a clue. And watching their loved ones display excitement to see "them", along with a smile or a calm, was enough for happy tears.

While working in hospice provided some wow moments, my ultimate goal was to deliver comfort care to my patients. And I've never lost site of serving men and women who are aging, facing a chronic or terminal illness, and contemplating what their last breath will look like. To learn more about these services I offer, click here.


Moving on. Later in life, and after a military deployment, I entered academia once again to earn a Master of Arts in Community Counseling in 2011. I began a career in private practice as Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), which I've now done for almost a decade. I am certified in hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Kundalini Yoga. And I am trained in EMDR and Exposure Therapy.

As a psychotherapist, I empower clients. How I do this might be of interest to you. Because of the stigma associated with clinical terms such as "disorder" and "depression", I reduce their use in our relationship. Second, I don't see mental illness stemming from a biological cause. While in some cases this could be the case, I understand your current complaints based on your personal tendencies, unconscious patterns, cultural pressures, and circumstances. And last, I am of the camp that believes psychiatric medication should be a temporary plan that is carefully monitored by your physician or psychiatrist. My goal is to help you rediscover your own power to recover and execute.


My Travel in the Spiritual

Speaking of Kundalini Yoga, I've had several religious and spiritual hats in this lifetime. At times, I had little choice. I was born into a Catholic family. Other times, I moved into a religious experience within one among many religious homes. In this case, I was Pentecostal. In achieving spiritual leadership goals, I pursued a Presbyterian seminary.

During a period of my life and under careful training to be a chaplain, I left the Christian following. Or should I say what I was taught about it. It was seen as a step backward by some. But I found my about face to be the beginning of an empowered spiritual journey. And I have lived with this sense of self-authority ever since.


I slowly moved into eastern spiritual practices that included meditation and contemplation. My travel to Varanasi and Rishikesh, India proved invaluable. I eventually moved into Christian mysticism and esoteric philosophy. I took stronger hold of my ancestral past and borrowed from various schools of thought to create my own individual journey. Today, I practice much with energy, spirit, and deities. (Whether these are actual entities or deep psychological pushing into the conscious mind, I don't know and I'm not offended with either understanding). And I've developed a language by which to mysteriously communicate with the transcendent also imminent to design my present, prepare to advance into a future.



My Style of Psychotherapy

As psychotherapist, depression, anxiety and trauma have been my focus. We all contend with depression and anxiety. They are normal indicators that something in our environment isn't harmonizing with our emotional and mental states. Traumatic experiences unfortunately happen to many. Fortunately, healing for survivors can and does take place.

In some cases, I find that depression and anxiety are symptoms of unconscious eruption that carries potential for transformation. Perhaps spiritual. Mythic themes, which are neither false nor unreal, contain strong emotional currents that, if attended to carefully, could lead to a healthier forward.

Depression and anxiety are normal reactions to some imbalance in our lives that should be taken seriously. They are messengers encouraging you to reevaluate your life. My job is to gently push you to make the necessary changes. But whatever struggle you are facing, you must commit to a detailed process to heal, reset your path, and manage.

A Unique Twist

It does look strange to see some reference to the unusual--near death, the paranormal, UFO--in a website designed to encourage mental health. But that's because we've been condition to see it strange. That more people are reporting a belief in such phenomena suggests that however you understand the experiences, people are finding anything from a growing awareness that is shifting beliefs, perceptions, and worldviews. Call it transformational. One that can positively impact emotional health, relationships, and one's personal vision in life.



Southeastern College 1987

Reformed Theological Seminary 1995

Argosy University 2011

Specialized Training:

American Institute of Vedic Studies (300 hrs) 2017

Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala (200 hrs) 2019

International School of Clairvoyance

Rhine Education Center 2021-present: Intro to Parapsychology, Field Investigations, Paranormal Phenomena Tech, Power of Nature, Exploring Exceptional Experiences, Experiencing the Exceptional and Extraordinary, Art as Psi, Traveling Out of the Body. 21



Member of International Association on Near Death Studies (IANS) and an approved network therapist              

Affiliated with OPUS

Supporting Member of The Parapsychological Association

Yoga Alliance

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