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Body Mind Metaphor LLC

Kevin Quiles

M.Div., M.A., LPC




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Exploring and Integrating the Unusual the Right Way

While I still provide therapeutic care to the general public facing trauma, anxiety, and depression, I also offer a unique style of therapy that honors the transcendence of human experience. It is no secret that many have had unusual experiences that cannot be explained. And, yes, they can make you feel crazy. Maybe it was a near death or out of body experience. Maybe you swear you experienced an after death communication, a mystical or esoteric transformation that proved surprisingly distressful, an unforgettable event with the paranormal, or an encounter with a UFO or UAP. Lots of functional individuals from all walks of life live with at least one of these. Talking about these experiences, feeling heard, and integrating the stories into life for healing and growth are paramount. Only many fear to come forth.

Whether you are seeking to soften those emotional intensities from an unusual but, nevertheless, traumatic experience or integrate the events into your life so that the mental and emotional components work for and not against you, this is a safe place.

You don't need to keep it to yourself.
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