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Body Mind Metaphor LLC

Kevin Quiles

M.Div., M.A., LPC, RYT-200

Psychotherapist | Mystic | Esoteric




Virtual therapy and consultation for your convenience.

In-Person therapy, yoga or hypnotherapy when available

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Visionary Knowledge for a Contemplative Life

Real Conversations that Matter

Like opening a book on mystery, the pages you're about to turn to contain an underlying message that the human experience is as expansive as the universe. But there's also a down side to human experience that you will learn about as you read. Let me explain.

We are more than our brains. The Mind, which has no past, present, or future, has long been understood as existing beyond our two little ears. Ongoing Consciousness comes in a variety of packages. Everything from subtle, bodily energy to existence beyond the confines of the material world are scholarly suggestions. Not to mention the possibility of life out there somewhere, as credible and functional men and women have reported through narratives involving UAPs, anomalous experiences, and near death experiences.

But along with these intriguing expeditions comes a most sobering existential thought. We will age, be hit with chronic and, yes, a terminal illness, and eventually breathe our last. You can't talk about ongoing Consciousness without entertaining what will happen in this life in our physical temple.

Two rather strange combinations that are only odd because we have made them so. Avoiding deep conversations around near death experiences, deathbed visions, after death communication, and even UFOs, all of which imply the brevity of this one life we are in today, will not help us in the long run. We must face the music. And that is what I do to help people facing turbulence from such experiences within the context of physical bodies that will run their course.

Honoring the Human Experience

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Conversing with Death Podcast

An educational program to help us make the necessary changes when it comes to aging, illness, and the last breath.

Click here to see episodes.


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