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Body Mind Metaphor LLC

Kevin Quiles

M.Div., M.A., LPC, RYT-200

Psychotherapist | Mystic | Group Facilitator




Virtual therapy and consultation for your convenience.

In-Person therapy, yoga or hypnotherapy when available

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Founder of Conversing with Death

A Safe Conversation about the Things Few Talk About!

Is there more than this? What we see, touch, and hear? Depending how you define reality, for sure. And if you have had one of those strange experiences--near death experience, a brush with a deceased loved one, or an encounter with some advanced form of intelligence--you know that you know there is more to this life. Moreover, you realize that Consciousness or Mind isn't solely between your two ears or in this lifetime, the latter of which raises curiosity about your purpose for living and dying.

But where do you go to share of your personal truth? Reaching out has its benefits, but as some can testify, it could prove wounding. Body Mind Metaphor LLC welcomes individuals and couples, in their forties and older preferably, who have held to that story quiet for so long. "High strangeness" isn't just an experience. It has life changing properties. And in some cases, if not attended to, the event can prove confusing.

As you enter into your second phase of life, give yourself space to explore. Perhaps such an encounter is meant to serve your travels through aging and, yes, dying.

This is one of many subtle hints that recur across the whole arc of the close encounters experience, of a connection between the dead and our visitors..." --Whitley Strieber in Them.

Night Skies and Therapy
Older couple support group

Conversing with Death Support Group

When no one wants to talk about it.

A group ready to support widows, widowers, caretakers, and people 50+ who are grappling with a recent or anticipated loss, retirement, and their own signs of decline.

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