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One-on-One Gentle Yoga for 40 and Older
Yoga to help with Depression, Anxiety & Trauma
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Yoga is not a substitute for medical treatment
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Yoga for Mental Health

While yoga isn't an official therapy intervention, it complements it well

Yoga Nidra

A wonderful way to learn how to train the body for relaxation and the mind for concentration


This practice comes in many forms. Meditation helps us to cultivate a friendly presence to our changing bodies and minds


Learning to breathe intentionally can help align body, breath and mind


Certain moves become ever so difficult to maintain. Asanas help cultivate a friendly relationship between mind and body

Therapy & Beyond

Body Mind Metaphor LLC services go beyond therapy. Using my studies in religion and spirituality, along with specialized training in unique places, I provide guidance for your journey in a way that complements psychotherapy. These areas include: Conversing with Death, the magical, if you will, and the extrasensory

Lifespan in Days

80 yrs=29,200

85 yrs=31,025

How many do you have left?

Conversing with Death

An Existential Edge

Conversing with Death is an education that opened its doors in 2013 to help mental health, healthcare professionals, and others of like disciplines to explore their felt-sense and beliefs about death but in particular, their own.

Conversing with Death Intro Workshop

The Conversing with Death Peer Group is in its 5th year. Held on the first or second Friday of each month rom 10:30-12. We also make plans to visit:

  • Cemeteries

  • Funeral Homes

  • Nursing Facilities

  • and more

(You must have taken the Intro Workshop)

Advanced Course for helping clients and patients safely enter into existential unease using Last Breath Awareness as the official manual.

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Kevin Quiles, MDiv, MA, LPC, RYT

& Veteran

Because I could not stop for death,
he kindly stopped for me 
                                     ---Emily Dickinson

Owned by a veteran and licensed professional,Body Mind Metaphor LLC gives over $400 annually to charity and is a monthly proud sponsor of:

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