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Body Mind Metaphor LLC

Kevin Quiles

M.Div., M.A., LPC, RYT-200

Psychotherapist | Mystic




Virtual therapy and consultation for your convenience.

In-Person therapy, yoga or hypnotherapy when available

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El sol salió anoche y me canto!

What if you were normal all along?

I have provided therapeutic care to the general public who have faced overwhelming experiences, elevated levels of energy, and a loss of incentive over these almost 10 years. People often know them as trauma, anxiety, and depression. I only hesitate to use such lingo due the connotation they carry. But life has its moment that can, indeed, drive us to depression and anxiety. Nevertheless, I believe in your normalcy, potential, recovery and am optimistic about your future, too. 


Today, I also apply these services to yet another but, nevertheless, normal audience. Many people have experienced strange but very real phenomena that cannot be explained using conventional science. And contrary to quick reactions by mental health, such genuine phenomena are far from delusional and psychotic explanations.

My services include exploring, healing from, and integrating the unexplained in the following areas:

  • Parnormal

  • UFO Encounters

  • Near Death Experiences

  • After Death Communication


Sometimes these experiences take on. more spiritual emergence or awakening. Call it a mystical meeting. Nevertheless, these conversions must be handled carefully so as to avoid confusion, depression, or even trauma.

One more sobering contemplation. Unusual phenomena can activate existential thoughts around life, death, and beyond. In some cases, and as our phobic culture would have it, the experiencer can experience a flood of thoughts that leave one feeling restless.

You're not alone.


Upcoming Webinar
Sunday April 7th from 12-1:30p.m. EST

The Making of an Unusual Therapist:

Learn how to Integrate Your Strange into the Practice

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