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Life is challenging enough and with the Pandemic coming or going--not sure which--it can feel doubly difficult. All of us have been swallowed by intense emotions that have steered life in drastic and contradictory paths. Yet life goes on. The new question is how to transport ourselves beyond mundane passions to discover and activate the gifts that lie within us to feel a worth as person, change not our relationships but our approach to them, and start or grow a business that unequivocally expresses our vision. Yes, we must pull back beliefs and patterns that prevent us from moving forward with celebration. And once we have reached our peak, we move yet once again to discover what we never thought we could experience.

Life is a dance. As person, we seek happiness and success juggling our wishes and vision. Some we win; some we lose. Yet life is vast enough for new opportunities. As couples, we dance to scripts on how to have a happy partnership or marriage. Sometimes those scripts work; sometimes not. Yet life can teach us new moves where each partner can dance with his or her own voice first. As entrepreneur or business owner, life surprises us with new ideas just when we think no new ground can be found. Hope, really. Filled with challenges and complications, the dance of life introduces us with fresh starts and a more expanding vision that will give birth to more.

Allow me to become your dance instructor, if you will. Someone to counsel, consult, or train for successful business mental health, a more rewarding relationship, or simply to manage recurring symptoms or for individual drive to achieve. Invest today for a successful tomorrow!

If you are going to possess a new future, you need a new beginning --Dennis Kimbro

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Body Mind Metaphor LLC gives monthly, seasonal, or one time to the following:

Doctors without Borders

The World Institute

Atlanta Community Food Bank

Sequoyah High School

Business Colleagues

Mental Health for Business
entrepreneurs, Business owners, and more...

Not all services provided by Body Mind Metaphor LLC and its owner, Kevin Quiles, constitute counseling. These pages combine the profession of counselor and clergy to reach more of the human experience.

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