You are the mantra.      --His Holiness Swami Chidanand Saraswati

Young Meditator


Some make yoga all about "the perfect body." This not only discourages beautiful 

people from yoga but also adds pressure to those struggling with eating Disorders.

Yoga not only welcomes our 'imperfections' but teaches us to relate to our bodies, minds, and emotions with grace and honor.

Honoring Body, Mind & Spirit
Meditation Class
Combining therapy and yoga for managing depression, anxiety, trauma and eating disorders

Meditation &

Yoga Nidra

Concentration-to-Samadhi and Yoga Nidra are a lifelong but most valuable facet of yoga to control our thoughts and ease our minds.


Chakras & Pranayama

Understanding energy and pranayama are vital to a balanced lifestyle

Yoga: Managing Depression, Anxiety, Trauma and Eating Disorders

This 4-week yoga workshop will help you cultivate self-compassion while managing depression, anxiety, trauma and eating disorders.

What will you learn?

Concentration is often overlooked to reach Samadhi, but some studies show that for sending intentions of healing concentration is vital.

Meditation is a common word but did you know there are hundreds of ways to do so? Learn which meditation practice will produce a desired outcome.

Body Movement isn't exercise. Just as our bodies take in and give information, you can discover your own body movements to deliver.

Who can attend?

This course is for the serious student.

Beginners and experienced intuitive, energy healers, magicians, and yoga and meditation students are welcome.

This course aims to create healthy habits in you for a lifetime commitment.

When and Where?

Due to the pandemic place and time have not been announced. Tentatively, a date for late fall early winter. The day of the week will be Sunday morning to early afternoon for 2-hours each session.


Individual $399. Couple $699

When early registration opens: Individual $299. Couple $499

Space is limited