Yoga for Trauma, Depression, Anxiety & Back Pain

You are the mantra.      --His Holiness Swami Chidanand Saraswati

My Style of Yoga

Sensitive to the Aging Process

Unlike today's popular and eye pleasing styles of yoga, I like to think of ancient themes: effortless...elasticity...becoming one...doing by not doing.

In my own training, and now at 57, I've gravitated toward yoga as art. Rather than pushing the body into dishonorable conditions, I resort to slow movements that honors the aging process.

This includes not only the body as it is introduced to physical limitations and conditions, but also the mental and emotional components as they begin to face existential questions.

One-on-One Gentle Yoga for 40 and Older

for Trauma

Yoga is an excellent grounding force to reconnect with the body and the present


Yoga can directly manipulate the conditions of the body influenced by depression


Yoga can convert the energy of anxiety into a more productive component

back pain

Gentle yoga provides hope to many who struggle with chronic back pain

Yoga for Working Outdoors and for Aging

Yoga for Outdoors

Yoga often forgets to consider the work in "the field." Pulling, pushing, twisting, jerking, and climbing are just a few things we must do in the yard or while working outdoors. How to do it without hurting our backs is a challenge we must meet as we get older.

Yoga for Aging

While moving through the day it is important to preserve your knees, a steady gait, the strength of often activated muscles and those often ignored, and more.

With aging comes increased stiffness, a decline in body activity, a weakening of the bones, a decrease in flexibility, and more. Learn how to preserve as healthy of a body as possible.

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