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Talking about aging, illness, and the last breath isn't easy. It is also difficult to find a group where one can express their questions, confusion, and fears. Conversing with Death Peer Group has been around for some 7 years, helping mental health and healthcare disciplines, clergy, death doulas, and even physicians grapple with existential factors. But not just existential themes! The group provides a supportive place for professionals to explore their own story. We meet the first or second Friday of each month via Zoom. In order to join, you must have taken the Conversing with Death Intro Workshop. There is an annual fee.

Working with chronically and terminally ill patients or clients takes extraordinary skill. Using my 15 years in hospice, local and national workshops, and counseling career working with the aging community, I provide mental health, healthcare professionals, death doulas, and clergy safe consultations to explore tough questions about themselves when working with patients and sometimes doubly tough questions posed by the population served. 

What Now What Next is a group of adults 50 and older that meets twice a month in person from 10:30-12p to discuss what it means to encounter personal and professional change that comes with getting older. Getting old--a wise word in many cultures, by the way--is something to be proud of, but one that has its challenges.  This group courageously looks into those challenges and the questions that surface. 

Mystic Magician's Education Group meet on the third Friday of the month from 10-1130a (EST) via Zoom. Professionals from various disciplines meet to share and explore their mystical, metaphysical, and esoteric ideas and experiences. A scholarly approach governs our discussions but not without celebrating experiences and interpretations that make us better people to better the world. A introductory course is required, along with an annual fee.




Zoom Support Group for Georgia men (he/his/him) who are struggling to become comfortable in their own skin while feeling pressured to conform. Some say we should protect, rescue, and provide. Others shout for us to become militant, which really is another way of pretending to be confident. A real man is one who carries his own, shares power with rather than seeks power over, has a clear voice and vision, feels and thinks evenly. Let's talk around the table about what it means to be a man in business, relationships, and life as a whole. We meet twice a month. Monthly fee is $75.