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Both therapist and the mystic or esoteric represent two wonderful worldviews, but the two have long failed to meet. In this workshop, Kevin Quiles and Ashley Tanzosh supply therapeutic insight and education for the mystic and esoteric to enhance a most balanced and rewarding practice.


Kevin Quiles and Ashley Tanzosh are both licensed therapists and students of esoteric science. Both are well versed in the esoteric sciences and in their professional field. 

What the workshop offers

  • Should I be concerned?

  • How does anxiety, depression or trauma shape my practice?

  • Can I distinguish transient moods and emotional states from symptoms that signal a need for help?

  • How can I create a practice that respects my limitations?

  • And more


  • 4-week virtual sessions (Recorded if you cannot attend live)

  • One free consultation

  • Free access for a year to a monthly virtual support group for mystics and esoteric (Annual $199).

Applying mental health to Spirit

Any spiritual practice can be risky. This is especially true when anxiety, depression, and trauma are a part of the practitioner's life. The workshop helps the magician distinguish transient experiences from symptomatic concerns.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is geared for the mystic and esoteric who:

  • is a novice and want a solid foundation as a practitioner

  • is seasoned in the path but wishing to reevaluate their current practice

  • has been wounded in the journey

  • is also an esoteric or mystic trying to balance the science of therapy with that of th other dimension

 Fee & Date of Course

Early registration investment for this course is $599. ($699 after September 15). Partial payments are available. The workshop is held once a year. The course will be held Monday October 16, 23, 30, and November 6 from 7:30-9:00 pm (EST)

Integrating Esoteric Science & the Psyche

Walking in Nature

Coming Soon

Bring Your Pen, Bring Your Broom: Conversations between Therapist and Witch. Listen in on tips I offer to the professional and the esoteric on matters involving the client's practice with Spirit. Soon available in hardcopy ($21.99) and ebook ($11.99).
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