Men's Fashion Watch

Warrior Man!?

I'm going to be tough with you. For many men, it's only a facade. A speedy car, a six pack, a glaring stares to show whose boss, and a 'kick ass' walk in public that poses as confidence. While people see you one way, deep inside you are not comfortable in your own skin. In fact, you yearn for approval from those around you. I'd like to help you establish an inner strength that is less dependent on others and where you feel at ease with your weirdness.



Everyone loves power. Men love power. Only our definition is often power over someone or patriarchal.

While the media might suggest this sort of power is effective, it will not work with partner, family, and others you really care about. For sure, it will not last in the office.


Who am I?

I pose this question all of the time, but men don't know how to answer it. Just listen to some of the responses: "I'm a handsome guy," "I am a Republican/Democrat," and "I'm not scared of anything."

You are more than all of these things. So I ask again, who are you?

Fitness Instructor

You will eventually Lose those Teeth

Culture wants you to think it will only get better. Truth be told, no matter how hard you work to stay young looking and feeling sexy, it will fade in a matter of time, some 29,200 days from birth.

A real man respects and embraces aging, letting go of the facade, and adjusts to his limitations.