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Mystic Magikq Mind

Mystic Magikq Mind is dedicated to educating, mentoring, and supporting the novice and mature practitioner.

The novice will gain a solid outline to build a practice that embraces balance. The mature practitioner will have space to reassess her magickal moves while diving deeper into spirit connection.

Virtual Workshops

As ordained minister and priest, I offer virtual webinars and consultation on common magickal themes with a unique twist. Over the years, magickal literature and practice seems stale and repetitive. I provide space for the serious magician to explore the rare, unusual, and even taboo-ish to the popular magician.

In addition, I propose that the magician evaluate her practice to ensure that there is mental and emotional balance. Everything has a time table, even magickal dances. Yet too many rush into the experience with little preparation and flimsy confidence. The magician must take his experiments seriously.

To participate, you must be at least 21-years of age and demonstrate magickal maturity.

2023 Webinars



Rare Magickal Connections

Well-Being, Ethics & Hexing: this 90-minute gathering explores the art of hexing. Is it right or ethical? This webinar provides a hard look at how hexing plays a role in today's need for justice while simultaneously encouraging the practitioner to maintain adequate balance and responsibility.  Fee is $149.

The Shadow & the Magician: Lots of talk about the Shadow. Much of it is too sugary. This webinar looks honestly and bold on a side about ourselves that we keep secret. But what is it exactly? And how can the magician use the dark to promote an effective magickal practice? Fee is $149.

Rare Magickal Connections is a virtual group that meets monthly on the third Friday of each month from 10:30-12p (EST). If you're tired of the typical witchy books and repeated formulas, this group is for you. A supportive network for the experienced solitary practitioner to move deeper with balance. Annual fee is $149

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Disclaimer: These webinars do not take the place of local mental health treatment. While the facilitator may offer suggestions, the information he shares is his opinion. By signing for one or more of these webinars, you take full responsibility for how you understand, interpret, and apply the information shared by the facilitator and agree to indemnify and hold harmless both instructor and Body Mind Metaphor LLC.