We live in too busy of times. So much so that if someone was to ask what thought or emotion dominates our day, we wouldn't know. Or, if someone asked us what our self talk sounds or looks like when choosing a stock, a career, a partner, or cofounder, we would be clueless.

For success, we need keen ability to spot, trace, and monitor our thoughts and emotions. And I'm not alone when I say this. Ask some of the most successful people and they'll tell you that how you handle failure, what you think on a consistent basis, and how you handle your emotions when making crucial decisions is paramount for success.

Using in-depth training in India on key meditation practices not easily found in some of the trainings here, eastern and western studies of the unconscious (something you do not want to ignore), certification on Neuro Linguistic Programming, and years of analyzing spiritual principles, I provide the businessman, businesswoman, entrepreneur, investor, and player of the Stock Market deep mental and emotional training for a successful outcome.

Emotional Detachment

You've heard of it. Detachment is a major player when it comes to meditation and mindfulness practices. And it is key in making many decisions at work, the Stock Market, and even with family. The ancient practice takes time to develop, and even more time to intentionally implement it to any situation.

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Embrace Change

Change is an always. it happens every moment we breathe, in spite of what our perceptions tell us about stability. The question isn't if change happens, but when. And change isn't only about decisions. Sometimes it will include a change in lifestyle, partner, career, and even physiological changers due to age or a chronic or terminal illness. Know how to interact with change while minimizing reactions.

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Might sound easy, but self-help books on failure sell. We all have mental models on how to handle failure, and many are harsh to our well-being. It is important to not only retrain the mind but to also understand what lies beneath--beliefs, relational dynamics, and thought processes that lead you to a guilty verdict.

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