The Art of Enlightenment
from Body Mind Metaphor LLC

Using personal and specialized training in religion, spirituality, and the art of magic, I provide an education and spiritual forum to complement my work as psychotherapist.


What is Magic?

Magic is the realization of interconnection between energy or spirit and myself, both of which are a part of Infinite Consciousness and for the purpose or enlightenment

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My Magic

As an offshoot of Conversing with Death, "When therapist & Magician Meet" applies western psychotherapy,

 Quantum Mechanics and eastern spiritual practices of Consciousness

Code of Ethics & Requirements

Body Mind Metaphor LLC offers two separate meeting groups, one for licensed mental health professionals and the other for certified magicians

Requirements for the licensed mental health professional:


  • respect magicians from all practices

  • seek to explore magical themes for the good of all

  • maintain the ethical standards of his or her professional discipline

  • should not confuse spiritual or magical work as psychotherapy

  • will pursue education in the field of magic, Quantum physics, and Consciousness

  • must have attended or purchased the 5-week course "When Psychotherapist & Magician Meet"

Requirements for the magician:

  • respect magicians from all practices

  • seek to explore magical themes for the good of all

  • must be certified with a reputable teacher or institution or affiliated and in good standing with a recognized body or organization

  • must have attended or purchased the 5-week course: "When Psychotherapist & Magician Meet"

  • should pursue at least 6-months of individual psychotherapy

  • will pursue education about mental and emotional health, Quantum physics, and Consciousness

$79 Annual membership in January

$25 from September to December 2020

$99 for the 5 Recorded Lessons


Membership Benefits:

Networking with likeminded professionals

A place to PRACTICE and fine tune your gifts

One free private consultation a year

Discounts on upcoming events and retreats

Possible group travels to explore the history of magic

Training & Membership

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification 2013

  • American Institute of Vedic Online Studies 2017

  • Living in the Light Series 2017

  • 10-Day Meditation Retreat in Sarnath, India 2017

  • JVP Mediumship Level I Certification Course 2018

  • Professional Tarot Counseling Certificate Course 2018

  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India 2019

  • C.G. Jung Society of Atlanta Member 2020

  • American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences Professional Member 2020

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