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Therapist also Witch

So that they no longer feel alone!

Online counselling

Mystic Magikq Mind Counseling

This 2-hour program helps the therapist to carefully handle clients who are off the craft. Little is available to help you weave western psychotherapy with the ancient arts.

Not any more!

What you learn

Here are a few things you will learn to help your client:

  • How to distinguish transient unease expected in the craft from more serious conditions

  • How to apply the ancient craft to manage depression, anxiety and trauma "triggers"

  • How to bring spirit into the room

  • How to help the client reshape her practice to fit the necessary changes

  • How to implement western and ancient interpretations of mental health

Silver Sphere
Virtual Conference

When & Where

This 2-hour program is virtual not only for your safety but to conveniently reach a national audience.It is an introductory with individual peer consultation available.

Fee is $199. Date: Friday, March 24th

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