Body Mind Metaphor understands the importance of the Tarot to the unconscious. So it chose decks that have history, a carefully constructed framework that tries to align with the ancient designs, and positive reviews by respected scholars and teachers in the field. Too many decks exist that have nothing but one person's unconscious imprint. 

The Marseille, Smith-Waite, the Pagans Otherworld Tarot decks are my favorite. The first two have undoubtedly passed through many hands and have stood the test of time.  The simplistic form of these three decks leave the eye free to roam without compromising its invitation to the unconscious.

Tarot Reflection

Away with great claims to foresee your future. Insight? Yes! Synchronicity? Yes! Intuition? Yes! And although we all mentally construct a future for ourselves, many opportunities exist.

One art piece that hangs on the wall of a museum can speak volumes to everyday life. Sometimes subtly; other times bluntly. Likewise, the Tarot teases your unconscious to provide valuable information stored deep within (not without) YOU. 

As spiritual teacher, I connect your deeper self with the cards to help you find those often unnoticed patterns--relational, spiritual, emotional, and decision-making--that influence your present and could, indeed, repeat themselves in your future.

Resources for Study

Cynthia Giles, The Tarot: History, Mystery, and Lore

‚ÄčAthur Rosengarten, Tarot and Psychology

Anonymous, Meditations on the Tarot

Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa, The Way of the Tarot

No worries. This is not some Ad or promo about fortune-telling. More about this in my guidelines. But truth be told, many people are gravitating to the Tarot for insight and inspiration as is evidenced by the amount spent in this country for Tarot decks. Image is the language of the unconscious. And the Tarot provides gentle nudges that can supply valuable insight.