Mystic Magikq Mind

Insight Tarot

The Tarot has been used for centuries for insight, guidance, inspiration, and sometimes confrontation.

Mystic Magikq Mind has common yet unique mannerisms when it comes to the ancient art in cards.



Trained under names like Katrina Wynne, Camilia Elias, and Enrique Enriquez, I use a simple three card spread with little scripted direction and popular meaning. Deck of choice is the Marseille deck! There are a couple of others I've selected. Suffice to say, the cards won't reveal your future but will reveal what you think of the future.

Insight Tarot

I use a simple or carefully designed spread to explore:

  •  how your mind has preset the new year

  •  your personal views around aging, illness, and death

  • what expectations, hopes, and fears you constructed around a relationship or career