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Survival Hypothesis

Is there something that can't be explained? Something that can influence our world, our lives? Join the growing network of professionals who courageously embark on a curiosity as big as the universe.



Psi or the paranormal is the focus of parapsychology. Some great names and minds have looked with skeptical eyes to find a natural explanation. In some cases, they were left with the impression that something more exists.

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Survival Hypothesis

We are use to the language of the afterlife. Many views have been laid out. Not to mention testimonies from some who had near death experiences (NDE). But is there such a thing? And if so, what does it consist of?

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Ongoing Consciousness

Classical science can't sit in the same room with some physicists. The idea that all it has ever known could be in need of expansion is repulsive. It is quite logical to believe we have only touched he surface.