Knowing the Market as Symbol

What does therapy have to do with the Stock Market? Lots!

Discover what the Stock Market says about you.

Learning to use the Market not only for future investing or trading but also for individual discovery and development!



If you've "played the Market," you know what it can do to you. In worse cases, people have fallen into deep depression and some have given up the will to live.

Don't let it get the best of you. Learn how to maintain emotional balance while you invest.

How you Relate to the Market is a Reflection on how you Relate to Others.

The collective power of the Market has many tell tale signs. One area most revealing is how you interact with others--colleagues, significant others, friends.

Learn what the Market really reveals about your patterns.

Analyzing Your Psychological Strategy

One of the key contributors to traders' self-discipline is their physical and mental health -- Andrew Aziz

what archetypal language do you use to weigh out conflicting predictions?

which emotions and mental states choose your decisions?

who really governs your principles for executing a buy or sell?

I am not a financial advisor and any suggestions I share that have any connection to the Stock Market that have some relationship to my psychotherapeutic approach are solely my opinions. 

Want an excellent read? Market Mind Games: A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading, and Risk by Denise Shull, MA

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