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Spiritual, Church & Coven Abuse

When Leaving is Healing

Body Mind Metaphor provides virtual counseling for those residing in Georgia and, when available, support groups for adults who have experienced coven, spiritual, or church abuse.

When it hurts

Some have decided to leave a once cherished community. They've evolved into a new sacred space. Others leave because of a heightened sense of threat, namely, the group or leader turns into control.In both cases, leaving is a sensitive decision that needs time to heal and professional guidance to maneuver through the mental and emotional dizziness.

Jungle Mountain View


Healing from #spiritualabuse or #churchabuse or even #covenabuse takes time. Trauma, if not complex trauma, is common under such unjust conditions. But with a well thought out plan and healthy support against coercion and militant styles, you can climb to new heights and reclaim your personal voice.

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