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Mystic & Esoteric


For the mystic with her solitude stance and the esoteric at heart. These two heartfelt paths are often misunderstood. Body Mind Metaphor provides counseling to help integrate psyche and spirit, dark and light, for a balanced outcome.

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Call him quirky but who isn't. One admirable trait is his devotion to the transcendent. But seeking the spiritual and acquiring unordinary states can trigger unwanted transient swings and, in some cases, established or not yet realized diagnoses.

Treating Spiritual Experiences with Care

If you have had a spiritual experience that has led to confusion, you are not alone. A percentage of people who undergo major changes experience depression, anxiety, and, in some cases, traumatic setbacks.


Witchy or otherwise, the hidden is the Source for more and more are running to. Unfortunately, the esoteric has many moving pieces. 

Body Mind Metaphor takes the witchy at heart seriously and aims to help the practitioner find balance.

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