Girl Gazing


We are more than mechanical explanations. Spirit however defined has long captured the human urge. Often, faith expressions prove soothing and inspiring. However, the decisions by some individuals within a religious body or spiritual group scar innocent men and women seeking to find the divine. 

When Leaving is Healing

Today, not a few are exiting the doors of religious and spiritual groups. Not for the wrong reasons! Some have experienced the unthinkable. That abuse occurs in the Church is no secret. What isn't often seen are the scars victims carry throughout their lives as a result. For others, they cannot reconcile what they hear from the pulpit and from those who attend with their sacred text. Still for others, the message doesn't align with their personal voice.

I hold Spirit dear to my heart. Providing an avenue for people to heal and to leave is no reaction to the universal theme of finding the divine however defined. However, empowering men and women who have chosen to leave after much anguish has a place in my book. You see, I, too, immersed myself in American Christianity for years. I invested money and time training for "the pulpit". Then things slowly began to change. Eventually, I left those familiar doors. The experience of leaving and reconstructing a new and empowering spiritual path that needs no man's blessing was challenging and rewarding all at the same time. Today, I have the deepest connection to God as I understand God and a self-sufficient faith that empowers my personal voice.

You might be in a predicament described above and have already chosen to leave in order to heal and rediscover your spiritual voice. Using specialized training and experience, I provide this resource to help you process your decision and to find your own empowering path.