Spiritual Direction

Spiritual traditions have long combined formulas for daily living and to cope with challenges. Questions like, Who am I? and How can I be happy? were tackled many years ago by masters of local villages and communities. Body Mind Metaphor LLC offer spiritual principles that help with those deep questions we ask privately.

Asian Village


That which is hidden has been a curiosity for many centuries. Knowing that classical science cannot answer all things, people from all over the world have search for more to explain that Other.

The nudging often felt about what is beyond yet imminent is a sure sign that your deepest self is hungry to dig and to know.

Rediscover Yourself

We need more to explain not only about life but about why we're here.  Finding hints to this universal inquiry can fuel a clear plan for our lives--careers, relationships, and more.

Knowing our purpose, though, doesn't come in a fortune cookie or in some self-help book. We need a safe place, a trusting relationship, and time to decipher.