Entering the Second Half

Growing up means growing older

Growing older means change

Entering Your 40s & 50s?

Did you know that the average lifespan is about 80? That's about 29,200 days. But if you want to argue that people are living much longer--not really, but ok--let's say you live to about 85. That's about 31,025 days.

Our culture has shaped our minds to react to human decline, pretending that it doesn't exist.

Body Mind Metaphor LLC sees change as opportunity. By knowing we are not here forever, we can set an intention to intentionally design and live our second half of life.

Facing Uncertainty

What will aging look like on us?

And what will come next?

These are questions we entertain during

our 40s and as we get older.

Courageously explore how to embrace the changes!

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