The Second Half

Basically, the first half of life is writing the text, and the second half is writing the commentary on that text--Richard Rohr

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Body Mind Metaphor LLC acknowledges and honors the wrestling and ultimately befriending the changes in body, mind, and spirit that come upon us during the second half of life.
Old Paper

Growing Slower

allows us to enter into a space of true connection with all that is around us, but not just around us, We also recognize we've been a part of a larger picture.

Stone Jar
Old Paper

Manifesting Anew

It's time to send out the signals. Rather than trying to find the magic formula to cure this or that, we learn that manifesting has an ancestry language of its own.

Playing Foosball


for the Second Half of Life

Our culture is notorious for failing to identify key phases of life, including the second half. Using ritual helps the mind to draw a clear line to let go of past attitudes and enter into a new and age appropriate lifestyle.

Water Celebrations