Second Half

My 15 years in hospice taught me many things our culture prefers not to talk about:

how the body changes no matter what

how few really die "from old age"

how our world gets smaller, not bigger

Growing Old

When we enter our 40s, the thought of being halfway through quietly seeps into our minds.

In our 50s and friends getting old with us, we begin to notice a slowing down, an often stiff body in the morning, and a some throbbing pain.

In our 60s and beyond, our world grows smaller, parents are gone, and pain becomes the norm.

Growing old--and I have nothing but respect when I use the word "old"--is real and will happen to you.

Existential Questions We All Ask

Am I the same person I was when I was 30?

And what will come next for my body?

How long will I live?

Why am I here?

Did I do OK?

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