Ritual for the Mind

You might think that training the mind is a relatively recent idea discovered by some genius. Not so! Spiritual traditions, yoga to be exact, has long addressed the patterns, habits, and, yes, desires of the mind, which is to be distinguished from the brain. If you find yourself no match for taming the mind, your not alone. Ancients have referred to it as monkey mind for that very reason. It takes steady, consistent, practice. Below are a few tools you can use.



Intuition, chakras, and auras have peeked the interest of many and used in the most sophisticated of places such as by CEOs and at Wall Street. Explaining what these subjective elements are is a task. The good news is that there is greater success experiencing them with a desired outcome. 

Trance Work

Before and since the days of Franz Mesmer, the German physician, hypnosis or trance work has played a role in the deep psyche where memories, relentless patterns, and sometimes haunting habits abide. Strangely, the unconscious is the place where extraordinary levels of creativity, skills, and talent wait to be discovered.

Eyes Closed

Yoga Nidra

Called the sleepless sleep, Yoga Nidra helps you develop awareness precision beginning with your body. In Rishikesh, out instructor took us through this lengthy ritual every weekday evening. Yoga Nidra is a most effective way to tune into the messages contained in the body.

Language of Symbols

Like the Rorschach Test, art in any form contains a language suitable to the unconscious, where scripts, stories, and even self-predictions exist. Through art you can flush out what your unconscious might be thinking about a decision you're about to make, or how you understand a phase of life you're going through. Know what you're thinking behind what you're thinking.