Grief is a powerful phenomenon that is highly subjective in nature. To try putting one in some grief category and then distribute some formula is omitting one important equation: you. Culture has expectations on how "long" you should grieve, not recognizing their own defense mechanism to make such conclusions. Body Mind Metaphor respects your story and aims to give you space to share and discover new hope to move forward.

Grief & PTSD

As a veteran, I once served in the Navy as chaplain. Upon returning from deployment, I took on the difficult task of assisting officers to the home of families whose loved ones were killed in action. Years later and as fate would have it, I met a beautiful group to work with: Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS). Body Mind Metaphor is committed to assisting groups like TAPS by providing services to survivors locally in Georgia and nationally by speaking and educating on grief.

Complex Grief

Theology Shifting

In more than two decades, I've worked with crisis situations, sudden and unexpected deaths, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), military deployment, soldiers and marines KIA, past abuse, and chronic and terminal illnesses. Such a wide range of experience makes Body Mind Metaphor unique. Events like these change how we perceive the world around us. 

Casualty Assistance

"How can God who is all-powerful and all-loving allow this?" This is very common among people who experience grief and traumatic events. Unfortunately, many who hear such language run to defend God, or their version of God, instead of allowing the questions to unfold and become agents of healing. Body Mind Metaphor believes God has many faces and hands and, thus, offers a psycho-spiritual exploration where those wrestling with such questions can have the freedom to develop THEIR theology. 

Two Plus Decades...