Setting Intentions for 2022

Everyone's talking about intentions, often as if they are simply a wishes. Intentions are more than wishes come true. In this blog, we look at effective practices that give your future vision drive, momentum, and force. The year has brought us many challenges--COVID 19, global repercussions, political division in brutal form, many losses, just to name a few. These events have undoubtedly made it hard to see straight. Nevertheless, you must determine right now to use every muscle to claim 2022 as a new beginning.

Before you draw an attractive formula, you want to evaluate how 2021 went. This includes writing down your achievements, counting your liabilities (especially those that repeated themselves), tracing concerns that did and didn't happen, assessing relationships--which ones went well, which went sour, and which ones you don't care to hold any further--and counting those financial numbers.

Next, you want to write down where you want to go next. Some of what you will list could be a continuation from 2021. Intentions sometimes go beyond our timetable. Other things could be completely new. Some goals might involve yourself as person and professional, while others could point to current or potential relationships. You might even jot down global ambitions. This is both fun and encouraging. It's like dreaming, really. Only keep those realistic poles in check.

Once you have written a set of intentions, you want to build power behind them. Here are a few powerful ingredients that go back in time:

  • Nurture the beliefs involved in your intention. This is a process that could take time. Beliefs are not just ideas. They are entrenched with emotions, memories, and other beliefs.

  • Check in with beliefs you have about yourself. Not believing that you deserve to experience your vision could sabotage your efforts.

  • Create a mantra that you can recite and learn to do so with strong emotion. Affirmations are useless unless they carry emotional potency. Plus, mantras are good reminders.

  • Activate your senses while visualizing the end result. Athletes do this all of the time before game time.

Understand that intention-making is no small task. You must be committed to daily practice. Setting time each day is a must. At almost fifty-nine, I am not patient when people tell me how busy they are. We're all busy and many times we make time for what we want. I'm also disappointed when people tell me they've tried setting intentions before for about a week or so and nothing happened. Setting intentions isn't the same as ordering a meal at some drive-thru. It is hard work! And intentions must be worth your time everyday.

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