Paranormal, NDE & The Afterlife

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Open Minded

The paranormal includes imprinted memory in places, a spirit of a deceased, or psychological features known as poltergeists. But is every unusual experience paranormal?


A First Step

No doubt that medical and mental assessments are in order, but once you have been cleared then what? Finding ways to cope with and resolve experiences is a must.



Whether or not apparitions or hauntings exist in a given place, the most important thing is to settle any mental and emotional disturbances you might have accumulated from your experience.

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Near Death Experiences

I am not an NDEr, but I use my fifteen years of working around death and dying, along with my specialized studies to help NDErs as they grapple with experiences many do not understand.

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The afterlife, however described, has long been a subject of inquiry.

Research into human experience remains ongoing.

But what do we do in the meantime?

Building a narrative that contains meaning and purpose.

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