Paranormal, NDE & Ongoing Consciousness

 Feel safe talking about your transpersonal experiences when it is important to you. 
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Open Minded

The felt presence of "other" has long been part of human experience. And on not a few occasions it proves to be helpful. But not always. Learn what your experiences could mean and why?


A First Step

No doubt that medical and mental assessments are in order. It is important to rule out possible factors. But once these have been exhausted, you deserve the support to make peace with your experiences.


Counseling & Investigations

Investigations can open an opportunity for compassionate consultation and counseling for those involved: witnesses, family members, and even investigators.

You're not "crazy." And having a counselor that has training and insight into the paranormal should put you further at ease.

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Near Death Experiences

I am not an NDEr, but I use fifteen years of working in hospice, along with specialized studies, to help NDErs, their partners, and families find helpful insight and understanding.


The ordinary disbeliever rules out all hearsay evidence in advance. The believer accepts far too much of it, because he knows that some of it is good. --William James

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I work with adults 18 years and older, sifting through sacred stories to make sense of the what and why

I help bridge understanding between you and your partner and family

Confidentiality is a priority!



International Association for Near Death Experiences (IANDS)

Consciousness Cafe

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After by Bruce Greyson, M.D.

An introduction to Psychology of Paranormal Belief and Experience by Tony Jinks

Clinical Parapsychology by Theresa M. Kelly

Ghost Hunters by Deborah Blum

Magic and Mystery in Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel

Psi in Psychotherapy by Alex Tanous

Surviving Death by Leslie Kean

The Self Does Not Die by Titus Rivas

William James on Psychical Research compiled and edited by Gardner Murphy and Robert O. Ballou

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Surviving Death by Netflix