Mystic Magikq Mind provides a carefully designed space for novices and solitary practitioners with:

  • parapsychological tools used by great minds such as the great William James

  • solid application of eastern and western studies of the mind

  • in depth teachings, tools, and exercises for spirit/energy work

Castle by the Lake

What is Mystic Magikq Mind?

A spiritual tradition that honors ancient and contemporary practices, creates space for magicians to explore the pros and cons of their magic, and to empower each practitioner in their preferred journey.

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What does it involve?

Honest, hard work. Mystic Magikq Mind Mentoring involves three phases via Zoom. These phases explore what could hinder magical efficacy, exercises to test current magical methodologies, and advanced theories and philosophies to bring magic to a new level. 


Can you share a little about each phase?

The first phase involves a slow, methodical exploration of the Shadow, past and present influences for and against your journey into mystic and esoteric thought. Cultural norms, colonization, and religion have a long history of suppressing and demonizing ancestral knowledge. 

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What about phase two and three?

The second phase uses the Tradition's fundamental but experiential format to provide a fresh perspective and support your journey toward discovering an individually empowered magic

  Phase three is the doorway into the Tradition as a whole without giving up your personal magic. This last phase is for the serious student who wishes to join a network of empowered magicians and to become a member.

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What does it mean to become a member?

Membership involves a network of like-minded practitioners who appreciate and work within diversity of magical thought. You do not have to give up your solitary practice, change your formulas, or current group status. 

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What is the fee?

Each phase is an investment of $599. There is no commitment to complete all three phases. Although, benefits do await the one who completes the program and becomes a member--certificate of completion, initiation, and a unique amulet. There is an application process to evaluate if this step is for you.

Individual Consultation

For those of you who wish to have individual guidance on the practice either in conversation form or using the Tarot, you can reach me at 770.337.8226.* The Zoom meetings are 45-minutes.