Mystic Miagikq Affiliates

Below are professionals who have completed the Mystic Magikq Mind Mentoring three phase program and have been initiated into membership.

Cow Hide

Kevin Quiles

Founder & Minister

Magic is fluid...vast in scope, yet narrow. Thus is the Path.


For Workshops & Consultation

Mountain Road

I come from a wealth of spiritual and religious studies. Rewarding but risky when claims of right enter the scene. Magikq is my art, chaotically weaving together various forms of practice from several pockets in history.

Working with ancestors, the other side, and archetypal deities under the moon proves most satisfying.

Using symbols, feeling the work of energy, and capturing invisible patterns for a desired end is a fascinating Path.


My magic is largely based on daily practice, ritual, and self-study. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the wisdom of the Tarot and the Oracle with clients.

In short, helping people cultivate their own practice, embrace their own Shadow, and

design their own ritual. 

Ashley Tanzosh


As 1st Degree Priestess, I resonate with the Shadow, the gray of the mystic.


Candle Making

Kore Healing

Kore Healing offers a number of services to the community. One involves making candles, creating candles with a soft scent and quiet presence.

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Esoteric Exploration

As founder of Mystic Magikq Mind, I provide consultation to novices and seasoned magicians.

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