Mystic Magikq Mind is an Inner Court that offers unique and balanced learning for the practitioner.

Included in the program are how to:

  • build a magical toolbox that holds aged energy with new command 

  • develop an ethically-based hexing practice

  • build an altar for neocromancy

  • deepen contact with spirit or energy

  • learn the basics of demonology

  • cultivate a practice that balances mind and heart

  • and more...


Mystic Magikq Mind

honors the craft of the past and the contemporary witchy voices. Unlike groups that conform, Mystic Magikq Mind sees the importance of designing and cultivating a practice that aligns with individual voice. That many forms of magick work should dispel any notion of elitism and direct our attention toward empowering the solitary practitioner.


Mystic Magikq Mind is called such 

because of how I have constructed the 36-lessons to help students assess how they react to esoteric material and why. While Mystic Magikq Mind is not counseling, it does borrow from eastern and western studies of the mind to help the magician design a balanced practice, which takes skill given that magick is the crooked path.

Castle by the Lake

It is communal or solitary

built upon safety for magicians to connect and engage on topics of mutual interest. No one would deny the value of networking, especially when it comes to a tradition that has a history of overcoming much oppression. It is also solitary in that the magician's personal design for development is pivotal.

Relaxing at an Onsen Ryokan

Mystic Magikq Mind also helps the wounded

recover from past group activity. While groups have their advantages, they also have their limitations. This is especially true when leaders underestimate their egos and fail to examine their unconscious with experts in the field. Mystic Magikq Mind helps the magician recover and recover well.

Festival of Color

Mystic Magikq Mind

doesn't seek to replace any existing group or practice. Students can work the weekly lessons and even become a member without giving up their current or desired connections. While Mystic Magikq Mind has its secrecy, it also prides itself in supporting the magician's personal growth. And if this includes joining or attending fellow witches, then so be.

Red Rose


allows students to experience an official blessing for the magick they have designed and called their own. membership into Mystic Magikq Mind is about healing, empowerment, and excelling. The magician's magick is recognized and recorded on the canvas of the universe. A moment of validation that many solitary practitioners often do not experience.

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