where the community is the guru

Mystic Magikq Mind

Mystic Magikq Mind is a tradition partly spiritual that upholds ancient and contemporary mystical and esoteric thought. It's a place where you design your own magic to fit your personal voice, honor your inconsistencies and contradictions, promote magical flexibility to flow with the changes of life, and more...

Green Forest

About the Tradition

Unlike some traditions, Mystic Magikq Mind believes in creating space for you to make your own magic. Lineage has a sacred place, to which this Tradition humbly borrows from ancestors to continue the rich practice. However, times have changed. My magikq must fit my world, not to mention my personality, moods, emotional cycles, mental habits, and speedy but sometimes slow energies.

Mystic Magikq Mind appreciates diversity, since it believes magic has many faces. Using long held methodologies, we can make deity arise upon our calling or need. 

Three Levels of Mentoring

There are three 12-week sessions:

  • Level I - We explore your past and current magical experiences, struggles, challenges, and desired outcome

  • Level II - Once we have a clear picture, we take a beginner's mind to set up the fundamentals of a practice

  • Level III - Last, we customize magic to honor your emotional and mental strengths and limitations, personality, and inevitable changes

While Mystic Magikq Mind isn't therapy, it believes that the counseling can benefit the magician. Fee is $599 per level. Applications must be approved by the governing body.

Bare Trees in Fog

Mystic Magikq Mind prides itself on helping magicians discover their own voice. Here are a few of the benefits one stains after completing the three phases:​

  • Have a clear understanding of you mental and emotional makeup for a balanced practice

  • Gain a solid base for your practice

  • Have an opportunity to experience initiation without giving up other traditions

  • Feel empowered as a magician whether as a solitary or member practitioner

  • Connect with other professionals inspired to write their own magic

  • Become eligible to teach Mystic Magikq Mind to other potential members

  • Enjoy membership discounts on traveling, workshops, and magikqal events