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Monthly Virtual Meetings

A Place for the Experiencer

This virtual group is for experiencers to be exact. If you have had a UFO encounter and wish to find support with other experiencers, this might be the place. FREE.

The Support Group meets on the first Sunday of every month from 12-1:30p EST. To inquire about joining, please contact Body Mind Metaphor. 

Limited to 8 members.

support group for experiencers
grief support group near me

Conversing with Death

This group is for those who wish to integrate existential and Consciousness themes into their personal lives. We meet the first Friday of each month from 10:30-12p (EST). Annual fee is $199. For students the fee is $99.

Conversing with Death Intro a prerequisite: Fee $65

near death experience support group

Supporting the Witness

On the fourth Friday of each month from 12-1:30pm (EST), I offer unique space for mental health counselors, certified coaches, approved facilitators and pastoral counselors interested in or working with clients who report unusual experiences that rests upon expanded Consciousness, be it a near death experience, after life communication, out of body experience, UAP encounter, or a mystical or spiritual transformation. Such a space is necessary for the counselor's well-being and professional pursuits.  Annual fee $199.

Inner Circle

On the fourth Monday of each month from 12-1:30pm (EST), I offer a safe space for mental health professionals who wish to openly integrate their personal spirituality, esoteric philosophy, transformative experience, or cosmic Consciousness into the professional field without fear.

Annual fee $199.

Group Therapy

Automatic Annual Renewal

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