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Mentorship & Consultation

For the Professional Therapist


Virtual Mentorship

I offer a 36-week mentoring program for the mystic and esoteric. Working with "Other" and the hidden is a serious but rewarding task.

This program helps solitary practitioners cultivate their own personal voice while engaging in traditional and contemporary practices.

This is also helpful to those who have been wounded within the context of the sacred.

Consultation for Therapists

I offer a six-week one-on-one course to those who are therapists seeking to integrate psyche and spirit. I've bundled my many years of specialized studies (including my two master's degrees) and experiences in the two vibrant worlds that honors the client's human experience.

Business Conference
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Existential Training

If you have an interest in blending existential curiosity into your practice, this 10-week Conversing with Death course is for you.

Some say that existential issues may arise occasionally. Unfortunately, therapists are not trained to spot the often subtle existential signs. Coupled with personal apprehensions, therapists are in a way trained to be indirect with the subject at best.

This course will prepare you to take on those tough cases many clients wish to explore.

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