The sky is the limit...innovate...take charge...create.

But you see those folks below. It takes good relational skills and an honest assessment of your mental and emotional states to preserve what you achieve and to go beyond. And a mindful observation of all the moving parts is a great place to start.

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I predict that as we have better handle of the Pandemic, there will be more and more opportunity for startups and business growth. Only we still must use human experience to initiate and execute. Put two or more, not to mention each one's previous experiences, personality traits, relational habits, patterns of perception...need I go on?

It is a most sacred yet complex formula to work side-by-side with great demand for success and growth. Developing a mindfulness practice through guided meditation, hypnotherapy, and Yoga Nidra can prove extremely handy.

You might have never thought that trying to start a business, grow one, or maintain it in the face of competitors could improve with therapeutic tools from a specialized professional. But you can't argue that you wouldn't. You are not just working with ideas. There are founders, leaders, teams, meetings, just to name a few. And each team player has a history, mental and emotional patterns--including the pattern of passion that is often risky overconfidence according to Malcolm Gladwell and others, experiences from terrible to wonderful, and secrets that they wouldn't tell.

My counseling has a higher grade of insight that penetrates the unconscious. Like a hound dog, I hunt for the subtle wiring that explains how you function under pressure, when making decisions or closing the deal, or working with the "Oh, boy, there he is" type people. Think about it. What better teammate to have then one who knows you well, has keen insight into your blindspots, and support you when those ingrained scripts of doubt and self-sabotage visit you. As Noam Wasserman said in his great text The Founder's Dilemmas, "Thanks to conflict avoidance, path dependence, natural bias, and ignorance of the long-term consequences of their decisions, founders often take actions that diverge considerably from what they should do"

Before you go, there's one more thing I can offer. Since my seminary days, I learned strongly the concept of group dynamics. I was fortunate to sit next to a family systems icon, Carl Whitaker for those of you who might know him, and experience his awkward humor before watching his magic on stage with a mother, father and child. You can't deny that you are a part of a team, unless, that is, you are going all the way solo. I can help trace mental health in the business tribe. And by coming to you at the office--where it really happens--is a nice place to start.





Let's be truthful. Starting and growing a career is a powerful move in the scheme of things. But what happens to the percentage of founders, co-founders, and the rest of the team when it doesn't work? Like a professional athlete forced to retire after years and years of training, planning, and spending.

Whether it is due to Covid-19, which pained many folk, an idea or plan that went sour somewhere in the process, or some irreversible relational conflict. You are faced with the mighty question, "What next?"

There is a place where many turn a new page, dream a new dream. But to do so, work must be done. Healing must take place. Belief in yourself must be renewed.

Learn more about my "Transformational Habits for Success" training. This ongoing training is transformational because it offers everything you need WITHIN to start, build, or maintain a successful business and to endure the setbacks that come anyway. To explore body, mind, and emotions, I use intense meditation training from India, a mapping of the unconscious (an area you cannot ignore), spiritual principles, certification training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and more. Did I mention my own personal journey? Toss that in as well, please. Individual and group rates available.

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