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I wanted the freedom to do what I wanted to do. And I wanted to do it my way. --Michael Jordan

Who am I?

So many tell us who we are or suppose to be. Couple this with the changes we experience as we get older and men feel lost.

Now there's a place to talk.


Who am I?

An age old question. But for those of us who want to live authentically, finding the answer is difficult. Relationships, culture, and some of our fellas may have an answer for us. We want to find our own!

Getting Older

So much potential can come as we age. We're more mature. We're settled in our careers. Only many of us don't feel comfortable in our own skin. This is especially true as we move into our forties and fifties.

Portrait of Senior Man
Rolling a Cigar

For you Pipers

When in-person is possible, bring your pipe or premium cigar. I have just the right place to engage in those slow, contemplative man-to-man talks.

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