Quantum Physics is the psychology of the universe.  --Lothar Schafer

Aerial View of a Barren Land


celebrates the spiritual voice of our ancestors, personal empowerment, and the art of intention in an accountable manner to promote mental health.



Magikq Mind Educational Group

A place for professionals of various disciplines to explore the paranormal with accountability. Group meets on the 3rd Friday each month on Zoom from 10-11am EST. Ask about the Intro course to join.


Online Consultation & Education

A safe place for professionals to explore and develop their personal practice using science, therapeutic studies, and an open mind. Learn about the two-hour Zoom course: Magician in Modern Day.

Blue Smoke

MAGIKQ MIND Mentorship Program
Self-Mastery with Accountability
A Three Level Program for Caregiving Professionals

Level I

In order to build a solid foundation in magikq one must reassess what they believe and why, not to mention environmental influences and past experiences.

Using fresh eyes, we explore your magical paradigm.

We meet weekly for 12-weeks using lessons and discussions.

Level II

With the foundation more secure, the stage is set for building a magikq that is true to your unique voice.

Once the old has been explored thoroughly, we build a magikq that fits your spiritual DNA. 

We meet weekly for 12-weeks using lessons and discussions.

Level III

Magikq needs constant nurturing. In Level III we provide nutrients for your magikq.


This Level is called "Yoga as My Altar," an empowering method where yoga and magikq breathe as one.

We meet weekly for 12-weeks using lessons and discussions.

Each Level is $499 ($399 for Members)
Receive a Certificate of Completion for each Level
Complete all three levels and become a member of Magikq Mind
Book for the Course: Real Magic by Dean Radin, PhD.
Strong Recommended Text: Varieties of Anomalous Experience by the APA
To See a Sample Lesson click here

the unconscious

Exploring the Magikq Within

The shadow

Science has always been based on the subjective experiences of scientists, including their perceptions and their shared subjective experiences and epistemological assumptions. -- Varieties of Anomalous Experience