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Intuitive reading is an intentional processing of your energy field, aura and chakras for spiritual, emotional, and relational guidance 

In working with spirit, I may spontaneously and briefly communicate with deceased loved ones 

Contemplative healing prayer is applied toward the end for added inspiration and healing 

As an intuitive and mystic, I provide you with insight that you can use to make sense of your world--people, places, and things

How it works

Yogic wisdom describes many variations of the Sindhis. --Dean Radin, PhD

Guidelines for an Intuitive Practice Reading

  • Readings are done by phone, Zoom, or in person

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a reading

  • Readings have less to do with objective verification and more to do with intuitive, felt sense "truths"

  • An intuitive reading has spiritual potential for your journey

  • While not counseling, a reading could have emotional and relational insight for healing and direction

  • I do not give out any medical, legal, or financial advice

  • A reading is neither therapy not takes the place of therapy

  • In working with spirits, I cannot guarantee your deceased loved one will show up 

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[Science] is a method of inquiry which, to fulfill its human-service functions, must evolve. --Ingo Swann

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