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Quantum Physics is the psychology of the universe.  --Lothar Schafer




 The content of this page and the services provided are educational in nature and do not constitute psychotherapy.

The Magician's Educational Group
A safe place
Code of Ethics & Requirements

Body Mind Metaphor LLC offers a safe meeting for educating professionals from various fields who wish to incorporate the art of magic to their receptive audiences

The Magician's Educational Group explores the intuitive with accountability as a priority. It meets on the third Friday of each month at 10-11am

Requirements for the group:


  • have completed the Course on The Magician in Modern Day

  • seek to explore psi themes for the good of all

  • maintain the ethical standards of his or her professional discipline

  • not confuse vast magical skill with psychotherapy

  • not discriminate against race, gender identity, religion, or spiritual affiliation

  • pursue continuing education in the field of psi, quantum physics, and Consciousness

$79 Annual Membership 

The Magician in Modern Day


For novices and seasoned magicians, constructing an identity is tough these days. Who am I? is already a complex question, but even more so for the magician facing a phobic culture governed by stigmas and a vast magical world with myriad forms of practices. Equally challenging is "coming out" and building a business against these and other hurdles. The Magician must have balance, strong backbone, and a place for flexibility. The Magician in Modern Day course focuses detailed attention to these aspects of a magician's world, using spirituality, eastern and western studies of the mind, and plain old common sense. And if you're not a magician but wish to help this important but often neglected and misunderstood population, this course is handy.



Fee is $99

December 9, 10 from 7:30-9pm

 The two-part Zoom series includes:

45-minute Consultation

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I offer magicians private 45-50 minutes of consultation shy of therapy and that impact your career, relationships, and personal practice. A safe place to ask, gain insight, and connect resources.

Cost is $120 (Members $95)

Magician's Mentoring Program

Becoming and developing as a magician is a sacred process that takes time to shape. Body Mind Metaphor LLC offers a 3-month program on three levels. Each level serves as building blocks:

             Beginning                                           Intermediate                                       Advanced

        Build a foundation                         The Story of Myth in Magikq                Magikq as Transformational

     Work through Stigmas                         Build Healthy Boundaries                  Deepened Protective Skills

         Develop Identity                              The More than "I" of Self                            Yoga & Magikq

    The Principles Behind Rituals                  Detachment as Ritual                      Chakras, Auras & Mantras 

      Understand Energy                               The Days of the Week                         Importance of Symbol

       Understand Spirit                                   The Four Elements                              Create Your Tribe        

             The Ego                                            The Unconscious                                   The Shadow

Cost is $299 for each level. $799 for all three (Installment Plans Available)

(Members $199 for each level. $699 for all three)

Certificate of Completion

Magikq Mind

Magikq Mind is an approach that respects and utilizes the various ancient traditions and philosophies of ritual, mythology, energy, and spirit. Simultaneously, Magikq Mind emphasizes the contemporary voice of the practitioner and honors the evolution of Consciousness as it shapes and reshapes the use of ritual for the good of all.

Magikq Mind utilizes the various sciences of the West for  accountability and also encourages the study of the mind from, but not exclusively to, the East. This holding of mind and mystery is much closer, so believes Magikq Mind, to the totality of human experience.


  • American Institute of Vedic Online Studies 2017

  • Living in the Light Series 2017

  • 10-Day Meditation Retreat in Sarnath, India 2017

  • JVP Mediumship Level I Certification Course 2018

  • Professional Tarot Counseling Certificate Course 2018

  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India 2019

  • TSP Basic Remote Viewing 6-week Course 2020

with Nancy du Tertre (student of Ingo Swann)

  • Clairvoyant Training 12-week Course 2020

with Debra Lynne Katz, MSW

  • Ongoing Mediumship Developmental Circle 2020

First Spiritualist Church


Society for Psychical Research

International Remote Viewing Association

Magikq Mind Tarot

Looking at what the symbols, colors, and the relationship between the cards mean to you 


Professional Tarot Consultation 2018

Enrique Enriquez Tarot 4-weeks 2020

Magic and the Cards 5-weeks 2020


The Rituals of our Ancestors


Society for Psychical Research

American Society for Psychical Research

The Parapsychological Association 

International Remote Viewing Association


Magic and Mystery in Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel

Psychic Intuition by Nancy du Tertre

Preserving the Psychic Child by Info Swann

Supernormal Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities by Dean Radin

Where Science and Magic Meet by Serena Roney Douglas


the Oracle: Reflections on Self


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