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A Worthwhile Investment to Meet the Changes

For the Individual & Couple

Relationships are complex no matter which way you cut it. And don't let a one-size-fits-all lure you into hoping differently. Even our relationship to ourselves can be taxing. Why do we do the things we do, especially when we know better? Get my drift. If you are trying to fit into a team of businessmen and women, a crowd of friends, or with a partner, it never hurts to apply the old saying, "Know Thyself." And, I would add, how you interact with others.

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Individual Counseling

Want to feel comfortable in your own skin? It might be more work than you think...and a necessary one if you wish to excel. Great minds are original. And you know very well that being original isn't easy. It takes courage, inner muscle, if you will. But once it gets going, there is little to stand in your way. Using counseling as an investment and not just for crisis, you can look at yourself not only with a healthy sense of worth but also as a learning vehicle--what are your strengths and limitations, who you gravity to, why choose the career you do, etc.

Couples Counseling

Think its communication? Many couples maintain relationships with poor communication skills. It's usually more, but to salvage our sanity we need to believe it is as simple as communication. You and your partner have unconsciously arrange yourselves under microscopic habits that now function automatically. That explains why we just can't stop doing some of the things we do.

It takes more than using the right noun or waiting until the other stops speaking. You need keen analysis to spot those almighty patterns that haunt you all the way to the bed. Fortunately, you can explore with trained eyes.