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Individual, Couples & Marriage Counselor

Relationships with self and other are complex no matter which way you cut it. Equally sobering, whether we are contending with an unfriendly relationship with self or others, relationships are always changing.

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Counselor for Adults

Many of us remain uncomfortable in our own skin. And unfortunately, as we come in contact with the limitations of getting older we dislike ourselves even more.

Managing all of the contenders to a kinder relationship with ourselves is pivotal. This involves developing internal skills to soften the harsh critic within and to withstand the brutal voices of our world.

Couple & Marriage Counselor

Think its communication? Many couples maintain relationships with poor communication skills. It's usually more, but to salvage our sanity we need to believe it is simply communication.

Most of us don't make a serious leap into marriage or toward long term commitments with intentions of ending it, at least without a fight.

Yet, relationships will change, some for the better, some for the worse. You guys will not be the same in 5, 10, or even 20 yeas from now.

Sometimes it isn't about the relationship at all. Instead, it involves expectations, attachments, and unconscious habits that blind us to our true partners.