Kundalini Yoga Studio Meditation

Healing with Sound

Sound has long played an important role to the heart, mind, and body. Using one or more instruments, Body Mind Metaphor LLC supplies a safe place to absorb healing vibrations.

Native Drums


the drum has been used for centuries in spiritual and healing traditions. The first, if not a first, sound we heard was the beat of our mother's heart. the drum and Frame Drum carries a similar spirit of nurturance, steadiness, and strength.

Himalayan Bowls & Bells

The sound of awakening, sudden or slowly. A feeling of electricity perhaps. Sound can take us to concentrated travels.

Healing Therapy
Eyes Closed

Yoga Nidra

Called the sleepless sleep, Yoga Nidra helps us to regain a once awareness of body language. What the body says and what we tell the body can be heard with a stillness.

Bowls & Gong

The sustaining nature of sound speaks to longevity, endurance, and persistence. When empty, sound can remind us of a deep well of emotions or our Shadow. When thick, it informs us of "thought congestion" or the power of love.


A 45-minute session. Ask about monthly packages. Limited Availability.



Body Mind Metaphor LLC does not give or take the place of medical advice. Participants are strongly encouraged to consult with their physician and, if applicable, psychiatrist and therapist before registering. Healing is understood differently than in the medicinal community and does not constitute counseling.