Building a solid base where you feel confident and fearless doesn't just occur with a few verbal affirmations. Yoga is an excellent way to reconstruct a language about yourself that will carry you through some of the roughest business and relational terrains.

Sacred Language

Did you know that your body has a pose for fear, worry, and defeat? Of course you do. Language isn't only verbal expressions. We store negative thoughts, beliefs, and opinions about ourselves in the body.

Whether its complementing therapy or one-on-one sessions, yoga can become an avenue where you can cultivate a new language that will help rebuild confidence, patience, courage, and more. 

Warrior Two
Active Senior Couple

What you will learn

In one-on-one in-person sessions you learn:

  • breath work or pranayama

  • mindfulness or intentional living

  • meditation

  • contemplation to cultivate positive emotions

  • asanas or poses for anxiety and depression

  • Yoga affirmations

Discounted packages available for 3 mo. and 6 mo. commitments.