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Yoga for You

At 59, I find yoga to be helpful to my own life. I don't have to put my feet behind my head. Yoga can be gentle and effectively address necessary movements to slow down the physical anatomy that could be affected by aging.

Also, yoga can produce temporary relief for certain conditions. I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), a chronic condition, and find asanas helpful. But I recommend you seek you physician before committing to sessions.

Practicing Yoga
Active Senior Couple

Yoga One-on-One

I offer 45-minute sessions for beginners and intermediate yogis. During these sessions you:

  • ​apply breath work for specific moods

  • align body, mind and breath

  • move into poses that help with moderate levels of depression and anxiety

  • manage traumatic fragments that resurface

  • embrace your aging body

  • incorporate sound for healing vibrations