for men only

Who is your role model when it comes to relationships? How do you express your emotions? Men don't have too many good role models.


When what we've been given doesn't work anymore

Reevaluating how you function in relationships

The aggressive "I'm fine" has bruised any integrated ability we have as men.

Our working definition of power has proven insufficient to create equality in relationships.

And the poisonous views of women as weaker vessels have led men to take up unnecessary roles that lead to resentment.


Stop Looking for the Hero or Heroine

Without knowing it, many of us men seek to be rescued.

My therapy doesn't pamper your perceived lack.

Instead, I encourage you to know thyself, save thyself!


We men have little problem showing our anger. But what about kindness, sadness, contentment, and those depressive symptoms? 

And how do emotions influence your choices, career, and relationships. Believe you me, emotions impact everything about us as human beings.


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